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Bushmen Paintball Team
What the BUSHMEN shoot


About the BUSHMEN
Marker and Gear reviews
Tips and Tactics
What the BUSHMEN shoot
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Gear we are selling now New and Used


Tippmann Proshop 98 E

This is sort of what Ben W. shoots except his is muchhh more upgraded and if you really want to see it I can send you a pic.
Sheridan PGP

Yes I have one of these just email me I'll send you a pic but it looks exactly like this.
Tippmann Custom 98

My teams back up. totally stock. Ben W.
                                            Piranha E-force

It's a  nice electro that I won for Gabe in a competition.
Avalon GT Commando 2

Ben F. Works fine.
32 Degrees Rebel

Ben W. I've got one of these and it sits in pieces until I get a new sear.
What we want to get
Tippmann A-5

Ben F. He selling the gt2 soon and buying this.
WGP Sniper II

Ben W. This is what I want and yes, it is pump. I'd put some money into it after I sell my good tippmann.

Thermal spectras are the masks Gabe and I use right now. Ben F. does not have a mask b/c his thermal nvader got stolen!

I carry a 8+1 into battle which holds (9) 160 round tubes. This is my "Big Pack" and I only use it for scenerios. I most often use a 2+1. Gabe carrys only the paintballs in his hopper and Ben F. carrys a 4+1.

Still need players email