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Bushmen Paintball Team
Gear we are selling now New and Used


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Gear we are selling now New and Used
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Extra and surplus gear and guns

Tippmann Proshop 98 E

This is what Ben W. is selling. THis is not a pic of the actual gun but if you want one email I will also be including a lot of gear with it. Talk about the price

Avalon GT Commando 2

Ben F. is selling this. send emails to if interested.
he wants something like 115 for it. Also comes with a custom camo carrying case. and spare parts.  

32 Degrees Rebel

It works fine but has a part missing but I will replace it and get it into working condition if you buy it.
$50 P.S. also comes with a 4in speedball barrel and a custom barrel.
Tippmann Custom 98

trustly old tippmann98c. looks exactly like this.  $100 SOLD

Sheridan PGP

Trustly sidearm that we've had for about 10 months. Not perfect for us so we are selling it. $65

I have 3 co2 tanks a 12SOLD($14),20($28) with on/off valve,($16)14. Prices can be change or be lowered just email me.
A 8+1 pack with 9 tubes. Fat Boy 160's or 140's new style. $30
(tubes alone cost me $30. pack was $25.)
A deluxe slidecheck, on/off, quick disconnect, remote coiled. $25 SOLD
i will also put other things up later so keep checking!